Our QT Fabrics team extends beyond our employee-owners.  We work with creative and dedicated artists to expand our in-house studio talent.  We are committed to providing an array of collections suited to many different styles.  Collaboration is the QT Fabrics way!


Sarah Hudock


Sarah is a self-taught artist, but all that really means is that she loves to draw and paint and create pretty much all of the time. She grew up on a small farm in Vermont, and was lucky as a child to have people who encouraged her artwork. She has traveled widely since then, raised a daughter, worked as a waitress, as a landscaper, and then as a computer network engineer, flew hang gliders for a time, and then came back home to paint and live the farm life again with her husband and the animals she loves. She feels a deep gratitude for the life she has been privileged to experience.

She now has her own beautiful flower and vegetable gardens to paint from, forests to walk in, and she raises chickens that provide no end of entertainment and creative inspiration. She feels compelled to pursue her expression of the warmth, humor, and deep beauty of the world around her. Animals in particular hold a special place in her heart. Sarah currently owns her own greeting card business, selling to small shops around Vermont and elsewhere, and enjoys showing her artwork at the yearly fair in her tiny town of Newfane, in Vermont.


“If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” – Edward Hopper


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