Our QT Fabrics team extends beyond our employee-owners.  We work with creative and dedicated artists to expand our in-house studio talent.  We are committed to providing an array of collections suited to many different styles.  Collaboration is the QT Fabrics way!


for Quilting Treasures ANTIQUITIES

A nod to our rich history in textiles, our Antiquities fabrics are a reflection of the past.  We have been part of the evolution of the American Textile Industry for over 200 years.  Our treasured archival books date back to the early 1800s.  

The bell tower and the sound of print machines echo in our minds as we browse old production notes, fabric swatches and meticulous records scribed in cursive.  Antiquities is more than a collection of fabrics, it is a celebration of our beloved industry.  Commitment to providing the finest and most beautiful fabrics to our customers continues to be paramount for our employee-owners.

Since 1807 and into the future, Antiquities fabrics are reflections of the past, styled for today.