We are a fabric wholesaler.  To find a retail shop near you that carries QT Fabrics, click here to use our "Store Locator"


Where can I buy QT fabrics?

You will find our fabrics at any of your favorite Independent Quilt Shops or on-line stores.  If your Shop is not carrying the fabric you would like, just ask them to order it for you!  To locate a quilt shop near you, visit our “Where to Buy” section on the website.

I live outside the United States.  How do I purchase your fabrics?

QT Fabrics has a network of international distributors listed under our “Where to Buy” section on our website. 

Are there any special instructions for the care of QT Fabrics?   

Our fabrics are 100% Cotton.  Machine wash cold, normal cycle.  Use only non-chlorine bleach. Tumble dry medium. Use warm iron. Our fabrics are NOT intended for children's sleepwear.

Should I pre-wash your fabrics?

The decision is yours and depends on your personal preference and project type.  As a manufacturer with strict quality standards and experience in quilting cottons, we do recommend pre-washing your fabrics to ensure your finished project is as you intended.  Cotton fabrics are known to shrink (standard is 3-5%) and any excess dye from highly saturated colors (especially reds/purples) may transfer to other fabrics when washed.  QT fabrics meet and/or exceed industry standards for fabric quality.

To learn more, view our QT Fabrics Quality Testing Videos

The fabric I just purchased and laid out for my project is crooked, help!

The common misconception is the fabric was printed incorrectly or is defective.  Check out this quick video to understand why this happens and how to remedy this situation.  QT Sewing Salesman Wonky Fabric Video

I am having trouble viewing the website.

For best results, your monitor setting should be no lower than 1024 x 768. 

Are the fabric images on this website to scale?

The Large images (shown with the ruler below) are 100% scale.  Throughout the website, there are thumbnails shown for visual reference only – not for scale.

I printed your free pattern, but the templates are too small.  What did I do wrong?

Turn off “Page Scaling” or “Fit to Page” in the print dialog box to print the templates at actual size. Be sure to measure your templates to ensure they are the correct size before cutting.

Some of your fabrics mention on the selvedge “License is required for any use beyond individual consumption.”  Can I still make finished products with your fabric and sell them?

This statement is used to protect our artists and designers from large manufacturers who sell to retailers in large quantities.  If you are not mass producing a product feel free to create items with our fabrics for your local festivals and bazaars.