Our QT Fabrics team extends beyond our employee-owners.  We work with creative and dedicated artists to expand our in-house studio talent.  We are committed to providing an array of collections suited to many different styles.  Collaboration is the QT Fabrics way!


Ninette Parisi


Ninette Parisi says that she was born an artist. There was never a time in her life when Ninette did not feel compelled to observe, and then alter, the appearance of her surroundings…to make things more beautiful. She remembers being in awe of her grandmothers and their ability to make coats out of old blankets and to craft handbags and shoes from scrap leather. Since those childhood years, Ninette’s creative desire has manifested itself through her exploits in sewing, gardening, interior design, and of course, her artwork. As an artist today, Ninette enjoys bringing characters to life through her illustrations, and she takes great pride in her ability to create cohesive collections in a collaborative effort with the manufacturers she partners with. Ninette believes that if we “dream with our eyes open,” we will surely like what we see.