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Rebecca Latham

"I am fascinated and amazed by what I observe in nature and often find myself captivated by the creatures that residethere. I strive to include those emotions in my painting."

Growing up in a family drawn to the outdoors, Rebecca has always experienced a closeness to the natural world. With the supportive encouragement of her parents, & finding a talent in art, she chose to focus her future as a painter in her mid teens.

Rebecca's primary goal in her work is to help the creatures she paints as well as their habitat. She participates in numerous wildlife & habitat conservation fundraising events to increase awareness & has generated thousands of dollars for wildlife & conservation through her work. “We live in a very diverse world filled with unique and precious inhabitants.  As a painter, I hope to capture the unique beauty that I see to share it with the viewer, that they may treasure those subjects & desire to protect them as I do.”

Her paintings have been featured on several conservation stamps including the the 2010-2011 & 2013-2014 Maryland Black Bear Conservation Stamps, 2007 & 2009 Illinois Conservation Stamps, 2003 MN Wild Turkey Stamp & the Manitoba Conservation Stamp. She spends as much time as possible observing & experiencing the wildlife she paints: "It is very important that the subject painted is studied from every available angle, as well as its habits & preferences".

Her style & technique are primarily influenced by her artist family, Karen & Bonnie. After studying many mediums & styles of painting and sculpture, she now works primarily in watercolor in a traditional Flemish style of working "in miniature".  

She regularly earns coveted honors for her work in international exhibitions in the states and abroad.

Her paintings are reproduced as Fine Art Limited Editions through Latham Studios & licensed on products & gifts internationally through JQ Licensing.


Rebecca Latham | http://www.lathamstudios